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Entrances to Wellesley Water Meadow are located along Mill Lane and is approximately 1.5 Miles from the Dukes Meadow Development, situated behind Wellington Country Park. 

Location Map of Wellesley Water Meadow

Is there parking?


Parking is available at the western boundry of the meadow. 

Wellesley Water Meadow Footpath Map
Dog Walking & Etiquette


A great place for short circular walks, which are perfect for dog walking with mown and hoggin paths for an easy accessible route. Click below for footpath options and information on dog etiquette for Wellesley Water Meadow.

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Wellesley Water Meadow Boardwalk


Wellesley Water Meadow, a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG), is 32 acres of tussock meadow. The meadow is fully established between spring and summer, offering amenity and ecological benefits to the SANG.

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Wellesley Water Meadow
What is a


A SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace) is a greenspace that has been built to protect a SPA (special protection area). The SANG acts as an alternative greenspace for the public to visit and enjoy whilst protecting the SPA.

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