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Wellesley Water Meadow Public Bench



Wellesley Water Meadow contains mature English Oak Trees, Birch, Poplar, Willows and many more tree species, each with their own characteristics. 

Whitewater River


Running through the Whitewater Valley is the Whitewater River, defined by the fringing farmland, low-lying valley floor and its willow-lined watercourse.

Wellesley Water Meadow Boardwalk

Located at the low point of the Wellesley Water Meadow the boardwalk crosses over a ditch and through the dense foliage; this provides additional walking routes and connections through the park.

Wellesley Water Meadow Standing Deadwood
Standing Deadwood 


Situated in the middle of the scrubland belt visible from both entrances. The standing deadwood has a significant ecological value, providing an array of microhabitats, hosting fungi, invertebrates, moss and birds.

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